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日時:2012年1月23日(月) 16:40 ~
講師:Laixun Zhao 氏 (神戸大学経済経営研究所 教授)
タイトル:Policing Foreign Tainted Products in a Global World
Abstract:This paper examines international trade involving tainted products in a model of quality choice, facing the claim that globalization should be halted due to numerous food incidents.
Particularly, we ask the following questions: (i) What are the conditions under which foreign firms choose to produce tainted goods? (ii) Does globalization via freer trade lower product safety? (iii) How is welfare ultimately affected? We show the existence of a free trade Nash equilibrium characterized by production and trade of high-quality non-tainted products. However, free trade cannot prevent the export of tainted goods, because the foreign firm may deviate under different combinations of parameters. We find tainting arises more easily, if the marginal-cost difference between high-quality and tainted production increases, or if errors of testing product quality occur, or in the presence of sabotage by rival firms.

JEL Classification Number: D43, F12, F13, I12
Keywords: asymmetric information, experience good, Nash equilibrium, sabotage, tainting,errors of testing, trade.

日時:2012年1月31日(火) 16:40 ~
講師:藤生 裕 氏 (千葉経済大学経済学科 教授)
タイトル:Two-Sided Transfers from Adult Children of Elderly Persons (東 三鈴氏との共同論文)
(科学研究費補助金若手研究B「知的財産保護が経済成長に与える影響に関する定性および定量分析(研究代表者 古川雄一)」と中京大学経済研究所の共催)

(経済学部准教授 古川 雄一)

  • (2011-11-24 14:12:36)